Behavioral Health-MHSA Full-Service Partnership (FSP) Adult Program

Family and Children’s (F&C) Culturally Specific Program

Substance Use Treatment Services (SUTS) Adult Program

IHS Adult Program

Description of Services

Case Management, Individual and Group Treatment, Substance Use Services, Family and Children Therapy, Medication Management, and Psychiatric Services.

List of Providers

Leah Hodge, MHRS, Program Manager

Dr. Amit Bhakhri

James Spotts, LCSW

Elfrida Lukong, MHRS, FSP Case Manager

Yasmeen Butt, MHRS, FSP Case Manager

Kristie Treft, Psy.D, F&C Ethnic Specific Services

All transportation must be requested by a Clinician and you must meet the requirements set by the Indian Health Center Transportation Policy.

Claudia’s Story

When Claudia started noticing signs of trouble at school for her daughter–dropping grades, low mood, and isolation–the school would not listen. Then she heard about IHC through the Mental Health Call Center.  As soon as they started working with the IHC Counseling Department, she and her daughter felt supported. She started seeing her daughter’s progress, that she felt more motivated and heard, things that she had been needing and wanting for a while. Claudia is grateful for the interest and time that IHC staff gave to her daughter, “I see the love you put in, not just because it’s your job. I feel that you really care and go above and beyond, like helping advocate at school.”  Claudia hopes that more families learn about these resources to help their children and community as a whole.

Contact Information

For any questions regarding the programs listed please contact

Adele Arreola 408-960-0643

Location and Hours

1685 Westwood Drive Suite 1, San Jose, CA 95125

Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

How to Make an Appointment

FSP-County Call Center 1-800-704-0900

F&C-County Call Center 1-800-704-0900, or Adele Arreola 408-960-0643

SUTS-Gateway 1-800-488-9919

Insurance and Payments Accepted

FSP-Medi-cal, Medicare

F&C-Medi-cal, Medicare

SUTS-Self Pay Only; IHS-Free to American Indians and Alaskan Natives