Your Donations and Support are Powerful and Appreciated!

At the Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley we’ve been working hard to keep members, staff and our community safe during this challenging time.

With businesses being forced to close their doors, including healthcare providers, due to the unprecedented supply and funding challenges posed by the effects of COVID-19, we could not do it without your support and that of so many others.

Members of the community and organizations have been stepping up to help in all kinds of ways. From supplying our staff with handmade face masks and face shields, to making financial contributions; every contribution helps!

All of us at the Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley offer a collective THANK YOU!

Please consider making a donation, today. DONATE NOW.

Our Generous Donors During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We’d like to acknowledge the following for their support during this trying time, starting with our Gala 2020 Sponsors.

And a huge thanks to all those in community who have come forward to offer their support.

Ixochitemoc and Malinacoati

Donated face shields

Allison of Sewing by Sarah

Donated handmade face masks

Anecita Hernandez

Donated handmade face masks

Sophie of Bay Area Community Mask Project

Donated 500-surgical masks

PPE Donations

DIRECT RELIEF Direct Relief is a nonprofit, nonpartisan ...

PPE Donations

PPE Donations

Stanford Health Care - ValleyCare | LinkedIn

PPE Donations

Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits - Nonprofit Vote

Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits