Meridian Clinic – Main Campus

Phone number: 408-960-0660

After hours: 408-385-7452

Meridian Fax: 408-445-1683

Meridian Medical Records Fax 408-266-7567

Family Medicine Center of O’Connor

Main phone number: 408-283-7676

After hours: 408-385-7452

Silver Creek Clinic

Phone number: 408-445-3431 or

408-445-3400 or 408-960-0660

Pediatric Center

Main phone number: 408-947-2929

Clinic manager: 408-947-2929 ext. 4007

Eligibility/new patient: 408-947-2929

Medical records: 408-947-2929 ext. 4003

Fax: 408-283-7720

Medical appointment scheduling: 408-947-2929

Referrals: 408-947-2929 ext. 4003

Triage: 408-947-2929

Business Office

1211 Meridian Ave.
San Jose, CA 95125

Agency Operator: 408-445-3400

Billing Services: 408-960-0646

Meridian Dental Clinic

Phone number: 408-960-0645

Fax number: 408-979-9570

Community Wellness and Outreach

Main Phone number: 408-960-0644

Fitness Center number: 408-960-0662

Fax number:408-960-0964

WIC and Nutrition

San Jose, IHC Pediatric Center, and Silver Creek

Phone Number: 408-960-0900

Inter-Tribal Resources

Vernon Medicine Cloud

Phone number: 408-445-3400 ext. 2080

Counseling/Behavior Health

Phone number: 408-960-0643

Behavior Health Adult Services
Phone number: 408-445-8172

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For emergencies, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Use this form for non-urgent inquiries only, as it may take up to two business days for our Care Team to respond.

Established patients should contact their providers directly, via the Patient Portal.