1. What are the clinic hours?
Our hours continue to expand. Please see the most current information on the back or on our web site.

2. What do I do for an urgent issue during or after clinic hours?
During clinic hours call the Triage number on the back. If after hours, call the number (based on your insurance plan) listed on the clinic brochure in this packet. Call 911 for emergencies.

3. Do you have a Patient Portal where I can communicate with my provider and view lab tests, etc.?
Yes we do and we encourage you to use it. Please speak to the front desk to sign up for this service included with your care at the Indian Health Center!

4. How do I make an appointment?
Please call the clinic number to set up an appointment, or send a message through our Patient Portal.

5. Do I need an appointment for a blood draw at your laboratory?
No, you do not, Monday through Friday. Please go to the nearest Quest laboratory. We do not have a lab on-site.

6. Do I need an appointment for an immunization (vaccination)?
Yes, please make an appointment through our immunization appointment line.

7. Can I request a provider?
Yes, you can and you can change your provider at any time. Talk to a receptionist if you wish to change providers. Please be aware that not all of our providers are accepting new or transferring patients.

8. Do you have providers that specialize in certain areas?
Yes, some of our providers offer family medicine and adult care with different languages. Talk to our receptionist if you have a specific need. Our web site also contains more information about our providers.

9. What about new prescriptions and prescription refills?
You need to see your primary care provider for all new prescriptions. For refills, call your pharmacy or send a message through our Patient Portal.

10. What about new referrals and referral follow up?
You need to see your primary care provider for all new referrals. For referral follow up, call the referral department at the number below.

11. Are you a Patient Centered Medical Home?
Yes, we are proud of our Level 3 (highest level possible) recognition. We put you at the center of your care. Please refer to our PCMH brochure for more information.

12. What do I do about filling out paperwork such as disability, DMV, school forms, etc.?
Please allow 5-7 business days for the completion of any paperwork. All forms are different and may require a specific exam, documentation or require a visit to complete. If the form is simple you may be able to drop it off at the front desk. Please check with your provider’s medical assistant.


Important Information

Address Family Medical Center
  455 O'Connor Drive #200
San Jose, CA 95128
Hours of Operation Monday through Friday
8AM - 5PM
Main Phone Number (408) 283-7676
If you reach the automated attendant, please dial the extension at any time.
After Hours Medical Information (408) 385-7452
Clinic Manager (408) 445-3400 Ext 3360
Eligibility/New Patient (408) 445-3400 Ext 2410
Immunization Appointments (408)445-3400 Ext 3160
Medical Records (408) 445-3400 Ext 2380
FAX: (408) 283-7646
Prescription Refill Request (408) 445-3400 Ext 3150, 3060 or 5011
FAX: (408) 283-7646
Medical Appointment Scheduling
(Established Patients)
(408) 445-3400 Ext 3150, 3060 or 5011
Referrals (408) 445-3400 Ext 2390
Triage (408) 445-3400 Ext 2690