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Spring 2016 Edition

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Renita Brien, IHC

Renita "Neets" Brien, IHC's Contract Specialist retired on December 31st, 2015. Renita was an invaluable asset to this agency; she was genuine and dependa-ble. Payroll was processed on-time during the past 11 years. Her dedication and "willingness to help" made her an outstanding em-ployee. At the start of Reni-ta's career with the Indian Health Center in 2004, the IHC only had about 60 employees and in 2015 when she retired, she was helping to process payroll for 200 employees.

The challenge in the begin-ning was to ensure payroll was processed properly, that IHC was following the Federal and State laws for providing employ-ee paychecks, and offering the best employee bene-fits. Processing payroll and under-standing the laws was a new role for Renita. She took numerous classes in order to be up-dated on those laws and continu-ally communicat-ed with the payroll company and the employer benefits broker. With her support and due diligence, the IHC passed two government audits relating to IHC's 401K Retirement Plan & the Independent Contrac-tor audit for distribution of payments to Con-tractors. read complete article...