Culture is Prevention for our Future Generations

The Indian Health Center’s Counseling Department is working to improve mental health outcomes for American Indian/Alaskan Native youth in Santa Clara County by providing them cultural and traditional education services. The Surgeon General’s 2001 report on Mental Health: Culture, Race and Ethnicity stressed the essential importance of culture in designing behavioral programs and the value of community-based programs as an alternative to the psychiatric model. Youth donation with help promote mental wellness for these youth.

San Jose Native Youth Empowerment Program

The SJNYEP is comprised of Native youth ages 10-17yrs. This program incorporates Native American values in case management, peer support, cultural education, community connection and leadership opportunities to build effective social skills, respect, self-worth, responsibility and wellness.

Dance & Drum Classes

Weekly classes are held at Roosevelt Community Center. A variety of pow wow dance styles and songs are taught. This is an opportunity for the community to reflection the beauty of our living culture.

Cultural Arts

Cultural Arts Workshops offered are traditional Native American practices to strengthen the community and tribal identity.

Educational Support

The objective of the Educational Support staff is to provide tools to encourage and empower students to believe they can achieve their academic goals.

Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley

The Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley (IHC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1977 to provide medical, dental and counseling services to the American Indian community of Santa Clara Valley.